Thursday, 19 November 2015

The lone wolf of Istanbul

I've never been much of a matchy-matchy girl, even when I was younger and my 'outfits' never followed a strict colour scheme, though what I considered back then to be creative and original, I wince at the thought now. Despite my evolution in style, I haven't lost that  aspect to which I enjoy combining different colours to create diverse yet complementary colour schemes. Living in Turkey, where I get the vibe that uniformity and conformity is the general preference, I learnt to embrace these quirks, warts and all, however small they may be. I don't feel like a pariah, on the contrary, the fact that my style is only partial to me actually makes me feel one of a kind in a country where your sartorial choices, are restricted to the few 'in' shops on the high-street. To cut to the chase what I'm most inarticulately trying to convey is that, it was a long painful path to attain the content place I am now, and if I could I would give that bashful, awkward Sumeyye of the past a big hug and tell her not to feel embarrassed about who she is. We're all beautiful exactly as we stand, and if no one appreciates that, then let it just be you. 

Outfit details: old jumper (similar), plaid pencil skirt (similar), old stripy blouse, vintage headscarf and satchel.